Get to know our offer

For companies we offer a low risk opportunity to get introduced to an innovation approach in their business context, to identify new business opportunities and to get introduced to a systematic way to bring the innovation mindset into their setting.

As a corporate sponsor

Our offer is a human-centric innovation program to develop new products and services. The projects' problems can come from medium-sized and large companies and from a wide range of sectors (healthcare, telecommunications, software, transport, public institutions, etc.). At the beginning of the project, as a customer you will formulate the problem in the form of a "design brief", which we are happy to help constructing. The question presented in this briefing is so open and broad that the students will not develop only one solution, they will make multiple iterations and develop various concepts and prototypes througout the project, changing and deepening their understanding of the problem. The teams are made up of students from different faculties and we try to form them according to the technical requirements of the challenge. At the end they present an executable demonstrator whose quality has been tested with regard to technological feasibility, user satisfaction and economic viability.

As a company you will get a functional prototype of an innovative product or service, comprehensive documentation of the complete journey, protoypes and findings, identification of business opportunities, insights into a systematic path to innovation (methods, culture, mindset) through observation of the student team, a combination of German engineering culture with the spirit of the Silicon Valley and being integrated into a global innovation network.

As a company interested in Design Thinking

Besides our long term projects, we also provide short and fast paced workshops to make sure your company gets in the right mindset and gets the feeling of what design thinking can be.

These workshops are adjusted to your company availability and tailored to the companys needs and wishes. They can take form as a 1 or 2 day bootcamp where together we go though one cycle of the Design Thinking Process.

It is the perfect way of realizing how beneficial this mindset can be when driving innovation and how to implement this mindset within your organization.

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