About us

What we are all about

Our goal is to unleash the creative potential of our students by educating them to be inventive future-makers and prepare them for the responsibilities and unforeseeable challenges of their professional lives.

What we do

At inno.space we support various educational concepts that foster complex problem-solving, passion-based learning and learning by doing.
Students undergo an intensive and iterative process in international and multi-disciplinary teams to create and develop new product or service ideas to solve a given challenge. The challenges proposed come from large corporate organizations and small and medium enterprises and address real-world problems.

Together, we build the future!

How did we get here?

Our Values


We empower students to be responsible for their own education and go beyond what they think is possible.


We put people in the center of everything.

Hands on

We encourage teams to learn by doing and stop overthinking!


We go for real impact.


We are passionated about our work.


We believe having fun is key to unleash creativity and drive innovation.

Our Process

With the increasing technical possibilities and the growing competition of globally operating companies, the importance of innovation also grows in order to stay in the game. Design Thinking is a promising approach to be in the front line of innovation. This method can be applied to design products, services and processes. It is based on collaborative creativity in multidisciplinary teams and has its core in the user and continuous iteration. This means that process is driven by the people, real humans with pains and needs.

Teams go through several stages of the process: user and market reasearch, ideation, prototyping and testing and have the freedom to adapt these phases to better suit their challenge. By building and learning from people's needs as well as testing with real users, the concepts represent a holistic integration of the three main pillars for sustainable innovation, desirability, viability and feasability.

Our Teaching Team

Prof. Kirstin Kohler

inno.space coordinator | Teaching Team Member

Prof. Thomas Smits

Teaching Team Member

Clara Dieing

Teaching Team Member

Manuel Walter

Teaching Team Member

Christian Müller

Teaching Team Member

Sofia Argiriou

Student Assistant

Our Space



  • Laser Cutter Epilog Helix 60W
  • 3D-Printer Ultimaker 2 extended+


  • Crafting materials and art supplies
  • Tools such as drill, hammers, screwdrivers
  • Electronic parts
  • Soldering iron