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We spread awareness – SPARTANS

Therapy adherence is a major issue in Germany as more than 50% of Germans are suffering from chronic diseases. Also, that number is rising which causes a huge problem for the healthcare system. Major reasons for low therapy adherence are not sticking to routines, no proper support system and lack of awareness about chronic diseases among friends, family members and the general public.

This handout that we developed as a feature for the Vida Gesund platform helps patients to share information about their disease with friends and family members easily. Patients can create personal customized handouts about their disease and then share it on social media or directly with friends and family. To increase the interaction with the patients, there is a possibility to add a quiz link to the handout which helps others to check how much they actually know about chronic diseases. This is a great way to build awareness about chronic diseases in the general public. 

This solution not only helps patients to spread awareness among their friends and family but also helps Vida Gesund to create social media presence and brand recognition.

  • Program: GDIP
  • Sponsor: VidaWell
  • Partner University: University of Tartu
  • Year: 20192020