Healthpost Aid & Patient Diary

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healthpost aid & patient diary

Healthpost Aid & Patient Diary

UDI was a new program experiment that we ran through this past semester. Standing for User-Centered Digital Innovation, UDI was a one-semester project in which computer science students worked together with HITA to enhance clinical management and organization in a local community clinic in Ghana through digital innovation. HITA e.V. is a charitable and non-governmental organisation that aims to improve health care in rural Ghana by the means of modern telecommunication technology.

Over the course of 5 months, the student team investigated the current issues in the healthcare system in Ghana while having contact with nurses and patients from the region. The team developed two concepts that aim to improve the current patient record system. One targeted the nurses and one the patients, providing them with an easy-to-use platform to collect and record their data, empowering users and allowing them to be more responsible for their own health.

You can find more information about HITA and how you can support them here: Find more details on the project, including pictures from the process, here.

  • Program: UDI
  • Sponsor: HITA e.V.
  • Year: 2019/2020