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STARS – Ambient Lightsystem for Officespace

The current state of workspaces entails large, open areas, modular furniture, and innovative devices to promote collaboration. However, the effects of such spaces are not purely positive. Having more colleagues around you also brings more possible sources of distractions, which disturb co-workers, prevent them from being productive and cost the company a lot of money.

STARS (Sound Tracking And Response System) is a persuasive IoT ambient light system intended to support self-guided changes towards less distracting worker behavior, thereby increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. With variations of brightness, color, and pulsation, the ceiling unobtrusively responds to the sound level in the offi ce. The system communicates through the internet with a smartphone app that politely proposes to the bothersome person they use a nearby, available meeting room. Additionally, the system provides a sound map that visualizes the current noise situation in the offi ce. While the smartwatch app helps people to find meeting rooms, the sound map allows people to locate their preferred work environment, whether this is a quiet or busy of setting.

  • Program: DTP
  • Sponsor: SAP
  • Partner University: Stanford University
  • Year: 2015/2016