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The study aimed to develop a mobile app called Health Hero to improve engagement in nutrition tracking and promote healthier lifestyles. Traditional tracking apps have often failed to address the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet, resulting in a lack of motivation and clarity. To overcome these limitations, the Health Hero app incorporates personalized diet plans, meal recommendations, AI-based nutritional tracking, activity tracking, gamified learning, and social aspects to provide a more engaging and inspiring solution. The app promises improved energy levels, achieved goals, increased motivation, and a passion for healthy living. The report outlines the research conducted, including stakeholder analysis and methods such as user needs analysis, literature analysis, and quantitative data analysis. The existing solutions in the market were also evaluated, highlighting Health Hero’s unique features and advantages. The solution chapter overviews the app’s concept and implementation, focusing on gamification, artificial intelligence, and a simple user interface. The report concludes with a final product presentation, including features like the avatar function and the FitTogether feature for social interaction. The Health Hero app offers a personalized approach to nutrition tracking and healthy living.

  • Program: iPDP
  • Sponsor: CalevaLab
  • Year: 2023