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Can you remember your best day in 2010 that you spent with your family. You can’t? Most people can’t!

If you had access to those moments, would you share them with your parents? Your children? All those moments form your own personal legacy. Are you preserving it? During our year at inno.space, we spend months of researching for a suitable solution to solve this fundamental problem. After a lot of great and difficult days we came up with Fampedia! Fampedia is the social network for your family - only your family. Therefore it is a private space where nobody has to worry about “likes” or “looking cool”. Fampedia focuses on only preserving moments by sharing a few picures of each event with your loved ones. Furthermore it has a very simple structure so that no one gets confused or distracted by unnecessary information like ads, functionalities or fail-videos. After our final presentation we got tons of great feedback. And Fampedia got 100+ hits within 30 minutes. Additionally many people who saw our presentation signed in with the provided demo family and shared their experience with us through Fampedia! If you wanna know more about it: contact us through the Inno.Space.

  • Program: SQUAD
  • Sponsor: SUSI & James
  • Partner University: Porto Polytechnic
  • Year: 2018/2019