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BLOOMA - Crowdsourced Service for Parcel Delivery

Last-mile delivery is a well-known issue for carriers. Recipients are often not available at the parcel destination and the carrier has to come back to the location or needs to drop off the parcel at a collection point where the recipient has to pick up the parcel. This is time-consuming, frustrating and costs logistic companies a lot of money. With that in the near future parcel delivery is expected to experience rapid growth.

BLOOMA is a crowdsourced last-mile delivery solution. Delivery companies pay for the use of a network of reliable “subcontractors”, where they can drop off all the parcels for a neighborhood. Parcels are delivered faster and at the fi rst try. The “subcontractors” offer their personal space as a parcel hub for their neighborhood. “Subcontractors” using BLOOMA Home benefi t as it receives parcels in their absence. It is a smart solution that enables “subcontractors” to receive packages while not being home.

This solution not only offers a way to cope with the increasing volume of packages sent and delivered every day but also improves the experience for the rec ipient and increases the quality of service and scalability for the delivery company.

  • Program: DTP
  • Sponsor: SAP
  • Partner University: Stanford University
  • Year: 2016/2017