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Expert Program

Our group “BedSpace Ghana” is actively involved in the project, supported by HITA e.V., to optimize bed management in Ghanaian hospitals. Our challenge is to train caretakers and nurses through a mentorship training program, ensuring knowledge transfer and expertise. Our goal is to maximize the utilization of beds by equipping personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle and repair beds. Through targeted training, we strengthen expertise and develop essential competencies to enhance operational efficiency and improve patient care in hospitals. Participants have the opportunity to become experts themselves and lead training sessions, facilitating knowledge dissemination within the community. To facilitate registration and provide relevant information, we have established a WhatsApp community. This digital platform ensures easy access to training programs and facilitates continuous knowledge exchange. Additionally, the training sessions will be recorded by the participants and uploaded to the HITA YouTube channel to facilitate wider access to the content and promote knowledge transfer beyond the boundaries of the community. BedSpace Ghana aims to create a comprehensive and dynamic system to improve bed management and maximize the lifespan of beds. Together with HITA e.V., we are dedicated to promoting high-quality healthcare in Ghana and enhancing patient well-being. Our vision is to achieve a sustainable impact on the Ghanaian healthcare system through knowledge transfer and expertise.

  • Program: PDP
  • Sponsor: HITA e.V.
  • Year: 2023